The Great Porn Debate

Sometimes I think that it would be easier to embrace porn instead than try to ban it. It is a little bit like the great marijuana debate. Should we just set it free, or should we ban it altogether? I think that you have to be careful, but in general, if you set something free, it becomes less exciting. Working or dating London escorts is a little bit like that. Before I worked for charlotte escorts agency, I did not know if it was okay. But now that I do, I simply think that working or dating London escorts is a choice that we make. Deciding whether you want to watch porn or blue movies, is a lifestyle choice as well.

I really think that we have to be careful when it comes to banning stuff. This morning as I woke up, I switched on the TV, and watched the BBC breakfast show, They were debating eating cereal for breakfast. Is it a good or a bad thing? Personally I love a buckwheat pancake to start the day with, but other London escorts may just have a yogurt and fruit. It is a choice, and it proves that we make choices all of the time. If you were to ask most girls at London escorts, I think that you would find they don’t worry about porn too much.

I think porn is fine, it is just that we need to make sure that we get the accessibility factor right. I don’t have any kids, but one of the girls who work on our London escorts service reception has two kids, and she is worried about porn. She is sensible mum and has explained it to her kids, but most mums probably find that very hard to do. I even have a hard time explaining what London escorts is all about at times, so I can only imagine how tough things must be for her. Kids should not have access to porn, but how do we stop it? Perhaps explaining what it is all about like they do in Denmark and Holland would work, it would perhaps make the kids less curious. I am not saying that men are on porn overload, but I do think that a lot of men are more interested in porn than women are, and end up watching many hours online. Most porn sites are now free, and perhaps that is where we go wrong. If we had an overall rule that you had to pay to watch all porn, it may make it a little bit more difficult for kids to access.

I have dated some men at London escorts who have had an unhealthy interest in porn. They do need help, but I would say that they are ashamed. Is a porn addiction something to be ashamed about? I don’t think it is. One of the girls here at London escorts had a shopping addiction, and she went to see a therapist. It really helped her, and it turned out that there was something missing out of her life. She was replacing what ever she needed with her shopping addiction and I guess that many men do the same thing with porn. So, if you are doing something to the extreme, perhaps you should ask yourself what is missing out of your life.

Why does my boyfriend not like porn?

I have always enjoyed porn, and when I was younger, I dreamed of being a porn star. However when I joined London escorts, I met a couple of London escorts who used to be porn stars. To my surprise, I found out that the girls did not earn that much money as porn stars, and went back to working for London escorts. But, that does not mean I have gone off porn, I still like to watch porn movies when I get a chance.

My boyfriend does not like porn movies and at all, and says porn movies are completely fake. I am not sure that is true. The girls at charlotte action escorts who worked as porn stars certainly seemed to have enjoyed making their movies, and say that not everything about porn movies is fake. Sure, there are some details which are fake, but when you look at ordinary movies, you realise there is a hell of a lot of fakery going as well.

I am not sure porn movies are for everybody, and I have even worked with London escorts who claim that they were turned off by some movies. No, not every porn movie I have seen has been good, but then again, not every TV program is good neither. You really need to take the rough with the smooth, and I think you learn how to do that when you work with London escorts. My boyfriend is a car mechanic, and I guess for him, everything is a bit more black and white.

Cars are what turns my boyfriend on, and I guess I would call it car porn. He can sit I in front of the TV and watch someone strip down an engine, and get really excited about it. His life is so different from London escorts, but I do know that those car porn shows have become a vital part of his life. If you like, he may get turned on by them in a professional sort of way. It is not really that much different from me watching pornos coming at them from a London escorts professional kind of view.  We all use porn in different ways, and what is porn to one person, is not necessarily porn to another. Some women compare reading fashion magazines to reading porn mags. They get turned on by their dreams of buying nice clothes.

My dad is not into porn movies according to my mom. Instead he gets his daily kick of porn by watching golf videos in Youtube. My mom says he gets really turned on by new clubs and :swinging” advice” from professionals. Personally I prefer to swing in a different way when I get a night off from the London escorts service I work for. Funnily enough, my boyfriend does not mind swinging. Perhaps there is nothing fake about swinging to him, and then again, he does get a chance to talk some guys who have got some serious nice cars. A great way to pick up business for his garage which specialises in classic car.

Keeping Porn Secrets

Before I joined London escorts, I did a brief stint as an adult model and a porn star. When I met my now partner at London escorts, it was clear that he was into dating hot women but not really that much into porn. I decided not to tell him about my passed. Now, that I have left London escorts and moved into his house, I am really worried that my porn past is going to come back and haunt me. I am sure that I would be the end of our relationship if he would out that I used to model and star in porn movies.

I have to be honest, my boyfriend is not really into watching porn movies. My movie that I made is out there somewhere, but I hope that he will never come across it. If he did, I knew that he would be angry with me for being dishonest with him. Also I don’t think that he would accept that I made a porno in the first place. He is happy to accept London escorts, and that I worked for London escorts, but the fact that I used to be a porn star would be a strict no-no to a guy like him. After all, he has his business to think about.

To be honest, I am not sure what has happened to my adult photos. Most of them were published in magazines abroad and I don’t think that it is very likely that my new partner will find them. It was in the early days of me joining London escorts. I dated this guy who was a photographer and he talked me into making some extra money while I was starting out at London escorts. Okay, I know better now. He was not a very nice guys and I just have to accept that I was a bit naive at the time.

Life is not always easy and sometimes you do the wrong thing. I like to think that I have put my life straight now. Leaving London escorts was okay at the time, I had done rather well for myself. Maybe one day my London escorts psat will come back at haunt me as well. I seem to move in different circles now so hopefully things will be okay. We are getting married next year, and I want things to be right in between us. My husband to be wants a glamorous wife, but I am not sure that he wants a former adult model and porn star.

Should I tell my husband to be? I have been toying with this idea a lot, but I have decided to say no. It would be risking everything that I have at the moment, and I am not sure that I am happy to do that. Yes, I would still have my own flat and stuff like that, but I do honestly love this guy. We have a good life together and I am not going to wreck it. There are still times when I feel that I have been dishonest to him, but my friends at London escorts really do not feel that it is worth saying anything to him. I think that they are right.

Internet Pornography

Is there too much Internet pornography? Even London escorts are beginning to think that there is too much porn on the Internet. Sara from London escorts, says that people are getting fed up with the amount of porn. Sexy is fine, she says, but the problem is that most porn on the Internet is of really bad quality, and is not even sexy. A lot of the porn that I have seen, has been of such bad quality, that I would call it disgusting. Many of my colleagues at London escorts feel exactly the same way, and we think that it is totally unacceptable.

Is it the porn on the Internet benefiting London escorts at all? The simple fact is, says Sara from London escorts, that the porn on the Net is not doing anything for escorts like us at all. After all, we are trying to run a professional service, and we are ending up with a lot of bad publicity. The porn on the Net is not doing anything for the adult entertainment industry at all. The truth is that it is probably doing it more harm than good, and that is very frustrating. We are trying to make the escorts service here in London more professional, and we have to put up with this.

It is not only London escorts who are unhappy about the situation. Sara told me that she has some friends who also work as porn stars. They spend part of the week working for London escorts, but the other part of the week, they work for the adult porn movie business in London. The girls used to have really decent incomes through making porn movies, but this has changed a lot. Tina, who is part time porn star, says that her income has fallen with about 50 per cent. It is really frustrating, she says, we are trying to make decent porn movies, but people prefer to watch cheap porn online.

Most people in the adult entertainment industry in London do feel that a lot of the cheap porn on the Internet should not be allowed to be “broadcast” as they say. The girls from London escorts say that they have seen several porn movies with very young stars, and it does make you wonder, says Sara. If, some of these private porn producers are using underage girls, it is certainly illegal in this country and I think it is wrong that we can access it. The London escorts services would not dream of employing underage girls, and the porn movie making industry is very responsible as well. I think it is terrible that this kind of smut is available, and I want every one to know that London escorts are strictly against it.

So, what can be done? The London escorts girls are all for trying to stop access to these web sites. It is not going to be easy, says Sara, but surely there must be some way in which certain web sites can be taken down. Do we need an Internet police? It is beginning to sound like we need a specialist police force to deal with these types of complaints from the general public.

Child Pornography: A Matter That Is More Present Than Ever Before

dNearly 750,000 pedophiles hunt the Internet every day for child pornography. This figure corresponds to a recent UNICEF report which also states that almost 20% of all pornography circulating the Web involves children and adolescents. It is estimated that in 2009, child pornography generated 12 billion dollars in profit worldwide. This is an issue that has become more present in our society ever since the Internet was introduced, and it seems that it’s a matter that will take a lot to solve.

Child pornography, even though it’s illegal, it’s a crime of global reach that is often committed everywhere. There are many institutions that work jointly to put a stop to this, such as the National Foundation Center for Missing & Exploited Children. This institution has put a stop to a lot of injustices taking place with various children around the globe.

Although drug trafficking is the main business of the people involved in organized crime groups, there is also the business of child pornography. Yes, unfortunately, it’s a business.

According to an inspector who is head of the Section I for Child Protection of the BIT, as in any other criminal organization, members of the organizations that sell child pornography are structured and highly specialized in certain functions. There are those who commit child sexual abuse, which is photographed and recorded. Some networks utilize the help of customers for laundering the proceeds of the charged material.

These criminal networks have gone as far as to produce and distribute “tips” for those individuals who don’t know how to approach children and abuse them. These “tips” also inform how to hide the crime from family members, and it even recommends child sex tourism in Asia and in some Central American countries. Videos and photos are offered on several websites and hidden forums located on different servers. It’s definitely a complex framework that doesn’t seem to have an end.

Many researches state that the value of this “market” is booming. Child pornography keeps moving in file sharing programs and in some social media online sites. To access images, pedophiles have to pay big sums, such was the case of a man from Spain, but thankfully, he got caught. Yes, the police are going the extra mile to get these criminals. There’s a lot that has to be done, but we are on the right track to lock up predators that only want to satisfy their sexual instincts or to attain profit from undermining the integrity of children.

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