Child Pornography: A Matter That Is More Present Than Ever Before

dNearly 750,000 pedophiles hunt the Internet every day for child pornography. This figure corresponds to a recent UNICEF report which also states that almost 20% of all pornography circulating the Web involves children and adolescents. It is estimated that in 2009, child pornography generated 12 billion dollars in profit worldwide. This is an issue that has become more present in our society ever since the Internet was introduced, and it seems that it’s a matter that will take a lot to solve.

Child pornography, even though it’s illegal, it’s a crime of global reach that is often committed everywhere. There are many institutions that work jointly to put a stop to this, such as the National Foundation Center for Missing & Exploited Children. This institution has put a stop to a lot of injustices taking place with various children around the globe.

Although drug trafficking is the main business of the people involved in organized crime groups, there is also the business of child pornography. Yes, unfortunately, it’s a business.

According to an inspector who is head of the Section I for Child Protection of the BIT, as in any other criminal organization, members of the organizations that sell child pornography are structured and highly specialized in certain functions. There are those who commit child sexual abuse, which is photographed and recorded. Some networks utilize the help of customers for laundering the proceeds of the charged material.

These criminal networks have gone as far as to produce and distribute “tips” for those individuals who don’t know how to approach children and abuse them. These “tips” also inform how to hide the crime from family members, and it even recommends child sex tourism in Asia and in some Central American countries. Videos and photos are offered on several websites and hidden forums located on different servers. It’s definitely a complex framework that doesn’t seem to have an end.

Many researches state that the value of this “market” is booming. Child pornography keeps moving in file sharing programs and in some social media online sites. To access images, pedophiles have to pay big sums, such was the case of a man from Spain, but thankfully, he got caught. Yes, the police are going the extra mile to get these criminals. There’s a lot that has to be done, but we are on the right track to lock up predators that only want to satisfy their sexual instincts or to attain profit from undermining the integrity of children.

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