Internet Pornography

Is there too much Internet pornography? Even London escorts are beginning to think that there is too much porn on the Internet. Sara from London escorts, says that people are getting fed up with the amount of porn. Sexy is fine, she says, but the problem is that most porn on the Internet is of really bad quality, and is not even sexy. A lot of the porn that I have seen, has been of such bad quality, that I would call it disgusting. Many of my colleagues at London escorts feel exactly the same way, and we think that it is totally unacceptable.

Is it the porn on the Internet benefiting London escorts at all? The simple fact is, says Sara from London escorts, that the porn on the Net is not doing anything for escorts like us at all. After all, we are trying to run a professional service, and we are ending up with a lot of bad publicity. The porn on the Net is not doing anything for the adult entertainment industry at all. The truth is that it is probably doing it more harm than good, and that is very frustrating. We are trying to make the escorts service here in London more professional, and we have to put up with this.

It is not only London escorts who are unhappy about the situation. Sara told me that she has some friends who also work as porn stars. They spend part of the week working for London escorts, but the other part of the week, they work for the adult porn movie business in London. The girls used to have really decent incomes through making porn movies, but this has changed a lot. Tina, who is part time porn star, says that her income has fallen with about 50 per cent. It is really frustrating, she says, we are trying to make decent porn movies, but people prefer to watch cheap porn online.

Most people in the adult entertainment industry in London do feel that a lot of the cheap porn on the Internet should not be allowed to be “broadcast” as they say. The girls from London escorts say that they have seen several porn movies with very young stars, and it does make you wonder, says Sara. If, some of these private porn producers are using underage girls, it is certainly illegal in this country and I think it is wrong that we can access it. The London escorts services would not dream of employing underage girls, and the porn movie making industry is very responsible as well. I think it is terrible that this kind of smut is available, and I want every one to know that London escorts are strictly against it.

So, what can be done? The London escorts girls are all for trying to stop access to these web sites. It is not going to be easy, says Sara, but surely there must be some way in which certain web sites can be taken down. Do we need an Internet police? It is beginning to sound like we need a specialist police force to deal with these types of complaints from the general public.

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